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More Vacations!


All this talk about going on vacation makes us wonder about going other places even as we prepare for this one!

Recently we were sent this link about orlando vacation rentals. Doesn’t it make you want to go over for a visit? Quite possibly I wouldn’t mind after a snowy holiday to make a trip to a warmer place!

Having said that, I am wondering about my vacation leave. For some reason I thought I had 21 days. I just found out that it’s only 18 days. Still, it’s more than the usual. Phew.

Now, where SHOULD I go for the next vacation….

Need to be Travel Fit


All this talk about my upcoming trip on my One World One Heart post is fun. But the reality is that I am grossly unfit for my trip. You see, it’s a skiing trip! And I who have never skied in her entire life know how dreadfully easy it can look but how awfully difficult it can really be! How would I know? Because I have tried roller skating before and no cushion could protect me!

My only recourse is to hit the exercise equipment between now and the trip, and hope for the best! The countdown begins!



After my post about life insurance the other day, a new friend commented how she could empathize with what I had written. She had stepped out of a car and a motorbike whizzed past right in front of her.

Good safety practices aside, I told her where she could get some life insurance leads on which were the better ones. You know, those that offer real prospects with real interest, good quotes in real time. Needless to say, she took heed and promised to do something about it.

One can never be too cautious these days….

Problems with Memory



When you read the title of this post, did you think I meant the human brain kind or did you think I meant the computer kind?

Whichever you thought shows your interest! Your bias. Your pattern of reaction.

Nothing wrong with that of course.

So what was I, the writer referring to?

Well, whilst I have problems with my human brain and the memory there, I must say I was not thinking along those lines when I typed those words up.

In fact, I was thinking of the computer kind. To be more precise, the laptop memory kind. I think I need to upgrade, especially with all the mail I have been getting and the workload I have been handling….



That near miss yesterday got me thinking.

How certain can you be as to the length of your life?

I mean, a sole bread earner has to wonder because of his responsibility for his or her family. If life is cut short for them, how would the family that is left behind going to carry on living?

I suppose one obvious way is for the bread winner to buy some life insurance. Then, if he or she dies at a ripe old age, it is well and good. But should life be cut short, the compensation from the insurance is a godsend, taking the edge out of bereavement and easing a little the strain on the family left behind.

Sobering thoughts.

<a href=”“>life insurance</a>

The New Road


It was supposed to be a simple drive down a new road along a nice, quiet place near our house.

It was newly opened and a one-way street.

Hubby and I decided to take a drive along it. Pleasant enough.

Then it happened.

A near-miss.

I’ll spare you the details.

Glad to say that no one was hurt.

Then we found out that the other party had no insurance! We encouraged him to get an insurance quote quickly. But he seemed pretty flippant about it. He seemed to think that it wasn’t necessary along that road because it was so off the main road. Don’t these people know that it’s a crime to drive without one? Sigh!

Leaky Stuff


The faucet is leaking again! We just changed it and it is leaking.


This is where a little education in terminology is required. The pipe in the wall was only a polypipe. That means some thing that resembles plastic.

In the process of tightening the faucet so that it might be water tight, the polypipe cracked.

We had some cosmetic repair done using silicone.

Alas it was of no practical use – the faucet moved every time we used it. Turn on or off, or even swiveling the head caused the faucet to react violently. Sooner or later we were expecting a leak.

We were not wrong.

This morning our suspicions were confirmed.

We need a real GI pipe for the faucet in the wall.

One World One Heart Giveaway


It’s that time of the year again…. and I nearly missed it!

Well, I missed the start and it’s now at number 600 plus!

What am I talking about?

Why, One World One Heart 2010 of course


This fun event where people from all over the world get together and read each others sites and look for free giveaways is back! There are over 600 people taking part already!

Yes, it’s back and I am giving something truly special away.

For those who dont know, I am heading to KOREA soon.

Yes! I have a skiing holiday due.

So for my giveaway, I am going to bring something special back from that wonderful land!

What will it be?

Some special fans?Or a cute little doll?

I dont know. But what I do know is that if you want to stand a chance in getting this surprise, all you have to do is to put your name and contact down…. and when the time is right, a draw will be made and who knows? You might just be the person who will be the recipient of a surprise.

And what a surprise….

Even I dont know yet what it will be!


updates will be given here and you will not regret signing up.

So, what do you have to lose? Nothing. Just point your mouse over to the Comment icon and click!

Postscript: It has come to my attention that when the draw takes place, I will not be around…. so unless I can get online on that day, the winner might not be announced on the 15th of Feb 2010. Please take note…. and dont be disappointed…



On top of all my busy-ness, where we live has had a cold snap.

So what you might say. Well my clothes won’t dry for starters! What a headache to add on top of my other million-and-one things to do.

Temperature have dropped so much that some friends commented it reminds them of winter. They started to look for their winter clothings brought back from temperate countries where they were students before.

Some lament that they wish to have a furnace and central heating.

Hmm that’s a thought… Central heating. Now if we has central heating, the need for a furnace filter will not be far behind….

Wake up, stop dreaming! Tons more to do! And what’s more, this is MALAYSIA!

No Excuse?


I know, it is no excuse.

I know, it sounds so false.


I am too busy to post updates right now! In fact, even as I type this, my mind is going in three other places. So let me sign off and return when things are more sane….