To Soften….

Ipoh. That’s where we visited and had that lotus seed fun in my earlier post. It’s a city of picturesque limestone hills, exquisite marble, super fat beansprouts and super soft rice sticks (hor furn). Honestly, the beansprouts are FAT and the hor fun is super slippery nice. Apparently all this is possible because of the water. The hard water caused by calcium of the limestone, to be precise. Nice. No wonder Ipoh is famous for her food!

But hard water is not a friend of all. It messes up the laundry and washing because you need twice the amount of detergent. Hair cakes up after shampooing for the same reason. Water pipes and taps clog up faster. Hence when we went to Ipoh, the homes we visited had water softeners.

I suppose you can’t have it good all the way! I’ll settle for the softeners and yummy food anytime!

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