Lost Count

Counting my blessings

And lost count.

Starting again…. Now I think I will group some items together.

1. A wonderful Hubby who cares for me and loves me unconditionally

2. Wonderful children and foster children who love God and are learning to make right choices

3. Great parents – thanks Dad and Mom!

4. Comfortable home – Bethany is a responsibility, but also a joy

5. Good health – mental, physical, spiritual, emotional

6. Purpose in life – satisfaction!

7. Identity – something I nearly lost for a time

8. Local church – thank you, especially the Leaders

9. Ministry opportunities galore – learning priorities time!

10. Lots of greetings especially for this day – sms, Facebook, emails… some even on the day before! Some from overseas too…

11. Able to use gifts and encouraged to do so – What more can I ask!

12. Knowing I am where I ought to be for now ministry-wise

13. Flowers at the start of today

14. Received gifts of perfume, handbag, purse, shoes, clothes, jewellery, even angpow, some even before the end of 2009!

15. I have more… but I think this will do for now… the day isnt over yet!

Thank You Lord for making me, ME!

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