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Inspired by a friend, I decide to start a pictodiary. Ah, even as I type this, the automatic spell check is marking my word. Yes, yes, I know it is a new word. But it is a sensible word and easily explained.

Picto-is for picture.

Diary, well is as is – a diary.

And a pictodiary is a diary made of pictures. Simple enough!

Inspired by that, I have been posting a picture a day. Started on January 1 of course.

A small snag though. (Pun intended)

Now into my second week of the new year however, I realise that a lot of my entries has been on food. Not good. And despite what others say, I think I am in need of some weight loss products. So I must do something about it before I show you what I have done. Patience please. If I am to show you photos of myself, I want to look my best!