Chocolate Consequences

All this posting about food and needing to lose weight that I have been doing for the past few posts. I suppose I had better confess.

What had I better confess? (Confession is good for the soul right?)

I must confess that one of the things that I have been craving for, and indulging in, is chocolate.

Chocolates in all form, but especially soft chocolate, like this below.

And chocolate with almonds. And walnuts. And I mustn’t forget the orange ones.

The exotic ones, the dark ones, the white ones, and even the ones with chocolate and tiramisu.

Ah the list goes on.

I would enjoy them in all settings – in front of the television, in the living room, at the breakfast bar, and yes, I confess further, even in bed!

But all this succumbing to temptation has its price. Very un-hidden price at that.

Yes, alas.

And such a price – adult acne to be precise.

Yes indeed.

Painful. Obviously painful (pun very much intended)

And what’s more, I’ve been picking away. Itchy fingers, yes I know.

And it’s leaving its marks. (Yes, again, so please be entertained)

Well, you definitely won’t be seeing photos of me for a while. You won’t miss much anyway…

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