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Vitamins Work!


Hmmm even as I posted that title, I was amused by how it might sound when spoken aloud by an Asian – the V and W bit.

Ah well, I am being distracted here!

Let me tell you my discovery! I have been taking some supplements for some time now. Well, when I took more, I realised that the acne I had seemed to have improved….

Then I discovered that people actually look for the best vitamins for acne! This means that if I continue with my regime of vitamins, I might be able to get my good skin back!

That is, provided I don’t scratch and pick…

A Better Option


This is dedicated to SH who knows the Ouch! of doing the business which can be painful if you have it.

Dreading what is natural is unnatural when you suffer from it.

It can be bloody and unsightly when it is literally a pain in the backside.

What am I talking about?

Haemorrhoids. Yes that pain in the unmentionable. It does pile on the agony every time you need to go.

An operation is but one remedy, and a drastic one at that.

But hemorrhoids creams might be a better option. It is certainly less fearful.

So there you are, SH. My two sens’ worth!