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Sell! Sell! Sell!


Now that our sons are growing up, setting out and stepping into their future away from home, we have years of textbooks purchased from primary school to pre Universities piling up in some of the cupboards. I am sure they will no longer look for them – they are not the nostalgic type! Nor will their sister be able to use them.

So what do we do with all those books?

Throw them away.

Burn them up.

Toss them to the recycle bin!

Hmmm perhapsĀ  we should sell them, for a small token, way below their cost like what my daughter’s friends did at the end of last year. Like her, there might be buyers who might value second hand books.

But we do not have the time to go around looking for buyers….

So we are looking to sell textbooks online! Like here! Any takers anyone?

More Muscle Means


Met some friends and talked with them about glycaemic indexes and healthy living.

Would you think that the meal below is good? Some people would rebel at that, thinking of the oil and fats.

But in terms of glycaemic indexes, this isnt too bad you know.

Of course, there are much better ie lower ones.

But more important is to build muscle. That helps to keep us healthy, burn calories and generally give us better health. Some people would use a muscle builder or something similar to achieve this. Not just working out at the gym. Another end result of course is a better appearance ! Now, that is a good bonus!