Archive for January 26th, 2010

The New Road


It was supposed to be a simple drive down a new road along a nice, quiet place near our house.

It was newly opened and a one-way street.

Hubby and I decided to take a drive along it. Pleasant enough.

Then it happened.

A near-miss.

I’ll spare you the details.

Glad to say that no one was hurt.

Then we found out that the other party had no insurance! We encouraged him to get an insurance quote quickly. But he seemed pretty flippant about it. He seemed to think that it wasn’t necessary along that road because it was so off the main road. Don’t these people know that it’s a crime to drive without one? Sigh!

Leaky Stuff


The faucet is leaking again! We just changed it and it is leaking.


This is where a little education in terminology is required. The pipe in the wall was only a polypipe. That means some thing that resembles plastic.

In the process of tightening the faucet so that it might be water tight, the polypipe cracked.

We had some cosmetic repair done using silicone.

Alas it was of no practical use – the faucet moved every time we used it. Turn on or off, or even swiveling the head caused the faucet to react violently. Sooner or later we were expecting a leak.

We were not wrong.

This morning our suspicions were confirmed.

We need a real GI pipe for the faucet in the wall.