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Hubby went shopping. He often does that for the family and he does it well.

One day he came home with this.

To my delight, this is the sort roasted with a hint of licorice.That is my absolute utter total all-time favourite!

I tucked myself into my favourite chair.

And the rest, as they often say, is history.

Sell! Sell! Sell!


Now that our sons are growing up, setting out and stepping into their future away from home, we have years of textbooks purchased from primary school to pre Universities piling up in some of the cupboards. I am sure they will no longer look for them – they are not the nostalgic type! Nor will their sister be able to use them.

So what do we do with all those books?

Throw them away.

Burn them up.

Toss them to the recycle bin!

Hmmm perhapsĀ  we should sell them, for a small token, way below their cost like what my daughter’s friends did at the end of last year. Like her, there might be buyers who might value second hand books.

But we do not have the time to go around looking for buyers….

So we are looking to sell textbooks online! Like here! Any takers anyone?

More Muscle Means


Met some friends and talked with them about glycaemic indexes and healthy living.

Would you think that the meal below is good? Some people would rebel at that, thinking of the oil and fats.

But in terms of glycaemic indexes, this isnt too bad you know.

Of course, there are much better ie lower ones.

But more important is to build muscle. That helps to keep us healthy, burn calories and generally give us better health. Some people would use a muscle builder or something similar to achieve this. Not just working out at the gym. Another end result of course is a better appearance ! Now, that is a good bonus!



It’s almost time for our holidays. Our skiing holidays that is.

I wondered if we ought to train. I can’t imagine Hubby and I on the skis without falling over. Worse, without the skis sliding away from us in different directions!

Perhaps we should get some strength in our legs. In such short time, perhaps we can get some bodybuilding supplements and see if we can put muscle in our legs.

Or am I being too optimistic? The countdown begins in earnest!

We have decided that the only person who will be skiing will probably be our daughter….. !

Vitamins Work!


Hmmm even as I posted that title, I was amused by how it might sound when spoken aloud by an Asian – the V and W bit.

Ah well, I am being distracted here!

Let me tell you my discovery! I have been taking some supplements for some time now. Well, when I took more, I realised that the acne I had seemed to have improved….

Then I discovered that people actually look for the best vitamins for acne! This means that if I continue with my regime of vitamins, I might be able to get my good skin back!

That is, provided I don’t scratch and pick…

A Better Option


This is dedicated to SH who knows the Ouch! of doing the business which can be painful if you have it.

Dreading what is natural is unnatural when you suffer from it.

It can be bloody and unsightly when it is literally a pain in the backside.

What am I talking about?

Haemorrhoids. Yes that pain in the unmentionable. It does pile on the agony every time you need to go.

An operation is but one remedy, and a drastic one at that.

But hemorrhoids creams might be a better option. It is certainly less fearful.

So there you are, SH. My two sens’ worth!

Home Remedies


When you’re not looking your best and yet have to show your face to the public, it becomes a bit of an act.

Unless you are truly comfortable being inside your skin, it is hard to be transparent and honest about how you feel about your appearance.

In particular, if it’s your skin. In fact, most people are not happy with the condition of their skin.

Worse is if you have acne.

I find that some acne home remedies work better than over-the-counter stuff.

Which is why I feel a lot better right now!

Chocolate Consequences


All this posting about food and needing to lose weight that I have been doing for the past few posts. I suppose I had better confess.

What had I better confess? (Confession is good for the soul right?)

I must confess that one of the things that I have been craving for, and indulging in, is chocolate.

Chocolates in all form, but especially soft chocolate, like this below.

And chocolate with almonds. And walnuts. And I mustn’t forget the orange ones.

The exotic ones, the dark ones, the white ones, and even the ones with chocolate and tiramisu.

Ah the list goes on.

I would enjoy them in all settings – in front of the television, in the living room, at the breakfast bar, and yes, I confess further, even in bed!

But all this succumbing to temptation has its price. Very un-hidden price at that.

Yes, alas.

And such a price – adult acne to be precise.

Yes indeed.

Painful. Obviously painful (pun very much intended)

And what’s more, I’ve been picking away. Itchy fingers, yes I know.

And it’s leaving its marks. (Yes, again, so please be entertained)

Well, you definitely won’t be seeing photos of me for a while. You won’t miss much anyway…

Strawberries and Cream!


When strawberries and cream is mentioned, I automatically think of England, and Wimbledon.

But it’s the wrong time of the year and I am far, far from the land that is currently pretty much frozen over.

And yet, this is what we enjoyed recently.


In the balmy hills of the Cameron Highlands. Quite unlike my local Mount Kinabalu, this place is very well developed. A far cry from my memory of what it was thirty years before.

There, we found a strawberry farm…. and tucked in!

And subsequently, I now need to look for some weight loss dietary supplement that I can take. Ha! Well, I must say that it was worth it!



Inspired by a friend, I decide to start a pictodiary. Ah, even as I type this, the automatic spell check is marking my word. Yes, yes, I know it is a new word. But it is a sensible word and easily explained.

Picto-is for picture.

Diary, well is as is – a diary.

And a pictodiary is a diary made of pictures. Simple enough!

Inspired by that, I have been posting a picture a day. Started on January 1 of course.

A small snag though. (Pun intended)

Now into my second week of the new year however, I realise that a lot of my entries has been on food. Not good. And despite what others say, I think I am in need of some weight loss products. So I must do something about it before I show you what I have done. Patience please. If I am to show you photos of myself, I want to look my best!