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Juicy Yellow


Sometimes after a heavy meal, you just want something wet, cold, sweet and tasty.

This was served at a dinner in our house recently. Brought by a guest, it was one of the nicest watermelons yet.

It was small too. Yum yum! Just the thing after a meal full of fried foods!

A Visitor


I heard some clanking downstairs. “The cat?” I wondered.

Then something fell over.

So I nipped quickly down the stairs.

And this is what I saw.

Can you make it out?


Here, take a closer look.

It’s changed positions. Now it’s at the top ledge.

This is one of the perks of living so near to lots of flora. We call it our jungle.

Every morning when I hang the clothes up in the basement, I will see these little furry friends playing from branch to branch, tree to tree…. Sometimes I make up little stories about them – the Papa Squirrel, the Mama Squirrel and the adolescent one…

Here, I think this is the adolescent one who got stuck indoors, in between the grill and the window pane of my dry kitchen!

Dont worry – he hopped out shortly after I took this last photo. Needless to say, it was with a quick flick of his tail and then all that could be seen as the moving banana leaf and branch.

Bye Bye!

Claim to Fame


Turns out that I am pretty good at this. I got top scores twice. Once in this place, and another time in another place.

What am I talking about?

Shooting of course.

Not the real stuff naturally…. I mean the kind found in arcades!

We had to visit two amusement parks during our time in Korea – Lotte World and Everland. Both times, we entered these games without really knowing what we were in for.

This was for being a sheriff’s assistant… and this score topped the high score by more than 20!

I should have insisted on my bit of fame and asked them to record it… ah well!

One World One Heart


Just in case you think I havent got a gift ready for this event, here is a photo of it.

The bottom left hand corner says that it is 24K gold plated, hand coloured and made in Korea. It’s a bookmark.

And yes, an email to the winner has been sent….

Remind Me





Runny nose.

Infected phlegm (at least I can still spell)

I cant do much posting today. Took some medication – a rare occurrence for me – and I am going to tuck myself in bed.

Hmmm obviously caught this bug off the passengers on the tour. They were taking turns to fall ill.

Remind me again why I went on this tour?

And the Winner is….


Ahhhh I have a winner. It’s number 117…. Now to figure out who that person is….

Oh yes, you want to know what I got right?

Hmmm I forgot to take a photo before I started this post.

Let me go do that first.

In the meantime, here, have a look at what I got up to doing while on my Korean hols…

Yes, that is me on the skis… trying to learn to ski!

Resolution to self – must learn with a proper instructor next time!

The Sweetest!


There are days when we feel so unworthy. People will bless us with things. Out of the abundance of their hearts they give.

One such gift recently is this.

The sweetest ever persimmons we have had. Called Sharon (reminds me of a good friend) they are also seedless.

“What more do you want?” I ask myself as I sink my teeth into yet another delight…

Good Results


I was pre-occupied with my thoughts. So many things to do before going away.

He was being undecided and kept going around, checking with me now and again where we should have breakfast.

Once more he asked me. I almost snarled my reply.(No, I am not always nice! FAR from it!)

Yet again he changed his mind.

Worse, the shop he thought was one kind turned out to be totally different!

Then he finally settled on the one opposite. So we trudged over. (Did I mention we were on foot and I was trying to complete a few texts that I had to send?)

As we walked over to the shop, I dragged my mind away from the messages in my hand and focused on filling my stomach and yes, to what Hubby was saying.


And what a yummy place it was too! We had forgotten the wares that this place had to offer.

This is what Hubby had – fish. Yummy fish slices in a lovely clear soup.

And this is what I had – the wickedly nice TomYum. Honestly I finished every last drop of the soup! I’ll go work it out on the ski slopes later! All in all, it turned out to be a pretty pleasant morning after all….

And yes, I did manage to get all my messages sent out before breakfast was over!

Super OWOH Countdown!


It’s Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year I know.

But rather than post about that right now, I want to post on something else!

In less than 24 hours, I will be doing my draw for One World One Heart! Can you believe that 150 people want to win my still-unknown giveaway! What sports you all are!

Well, I am getting rather excited about it too. Both because I love giving away things, but also because it means my holiday is impending!

Stay tuned for the latest installment… in the meantime, I must go and sign up for other giveaways before the event closes. There are over 1000 participants this year! That’s plenty to go through!

Brave or Foolhardy


Holidays are a-coming!

One has to ask if we are brave or foolhardy!


Because we are going skiing – something we have never ever even tried in our younger days. Yet now that the golden years are knocking on our doors, in sheer madness, we are giving it a go. To put it in the words of my Hubby, “Otherwise we will not be able to tell our grand children we had tried it before”!

And no, we did NOT realise that the Winter Olympics would be happening around the same time!

So yes, ski slopes, skis, skiing equipment and snow, here we come. It’s minus six to minus ten degrees we are told. Brrrr! Icicles at the end of our noses?

Along with those images come visions of limbs in plaster casts….

O dear. Should I start looking for insurance quotes I wonder!