Dangerous Buildings

My parents just told me about some disastrous demolition works that was going on in my hometown. The demolition had to be done by hand so progress was slow.

One day, while cars on the road nearby were lining up at the traffic lights, the entire block suddenly collapsed. Sadly two people died in their vehicles.

I think part of the reason for the need for doing it by hand was that there was asbestos involved. Thank goodness that most people are now aware of the danger of asbestos and  mesothelioma, an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs.

The problem is many old buildings have abestos for ceilings and many other fittings. Workers who demolish such constructions for renovations or rebuilding are in danger. Without proper gear such workers are exposed and are in danger. There are two to three thousand new diagnoses of mesothelioma every year. Early symptoms of mesothelioma are often similar to pneumonia. If you work in constructions and renovations and have these sypmtoms go seek for a medical check up and if caught early treatments will prevent cancer and untimely death.

Alas, this will not help those two people who died. I am glad that the buildings are now down but at such a price. The cleanup begins.

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