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Different Time Zones?


Just got off chatting with my sons. Now that they are away from home, they seem to have evolved to be different creatures!

By that, I mean their waking and sleeping hours seem to be so diverse now! They have turned nocturnal! Gasp!

At one time, it got so worrying (classical mom here!) I seriously considered asking my second Arrow to research for some of the best sleeping pills and to take them! Pretty drastic I know. But that sense of “WHAT can I do?” I also feel very guilty when I am trying the chat online with him but am falling asleep! What’s more, how is it going to affect his (their) studies?!

Then I decided to be patient and not fuss. Then I realised that he seems to thrive on less hours of sleep than before. Wow….

That sounds awfully like me before.

So I suppose it’s all right…. I’m just fussin’ (Blush!)

More Health Info!


I must confess, after my last post, I wasnt expecting to be informed about more interesting health info!

This, apparently is not the latest fad, but it has been taking place for some time now. By “this” I mean herbal colon cleanse.

I must confess I a little unsure about this. Isn’t daily evacuation of waste the natural way to cleanse the body? This cleansing claims to help to clean where the natural way may have left something behind.

I leave it to your imagination how it might help. For me, the thought of inserting foreign stuff in the opposite end of my alimentary canal is enough to turn me off! But I suppose there are some people who might be desperate enough to want to try in their quest for good health….