Different Time Zones?

Just got off chatting with my sons. Now that they are away from home, they seem to have evolved to be different creatures!

By that, I mean their waking and sleeping hours seem to be so diverse now! They have turned nocturnal! Gasp!

At one time, it got so worrying (classical mom here!) I seriously considered asking my second Arrow to research for some of the best sleeping pills and to take them! Pretty drastic I know. But that sense of “WHAT can I do?” I also feel very guilty when I am trying the chat online with him but am falling asleep! What’s more, how is it going to affect his (their) studies?!

Then I decided to be patient and not fuss. Then I realised that he seems to thrive on less hours of sleep than before. Wow….

That sounds awfully like me before.

So I suppose it’s all right…. I’m just fussin’ (Blush!)

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2 Responses to “Different Time Zones?”

  1. blogpastor Says:

    is one of them studying in Singapore? nocturnalism is a widespread epidemic among students here 🙂


  2. Metamor4sis Says:

    Well spotted sir. My second Arrow is indeed in Singapore. What cure can there be for this epidemic…

    Hmmm judging by the clock on my laptop right now, it’s a case of “If you cant beat them, join them!”


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