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Not Equal


What’s not equal?

Well, people aren’t for a start. Whether we like it or not! Otherwise we wouldn’t have employers and employees (yes, I know I am stating the obvious. Let me build my case!)

Another is prenatal vitamins. “What?” I can hear you exclaim. “How did you make that jump?”

Read on….

According to this site, vitamin supplements, to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation, are not intended to replace a healthy diet. (Surprise surprise) However there are varying standards of products. (Tell me about it!) Imagine going to a shelf of products and picking one out… only to find that it isn’t what it makes out to be. That, I am sad to say, has happened.

You see, vitamin supplements are classified under food acts. That means 10 mg in a tablet can mean 9.8 mg or even 10.3 mg…. and they would still pass the rules that govern sales.

Under a pharmaceutical act however, the supplement has to be exactly as it claims to be…. just as a medicine would need to be. Imagine if you were meant to take 0.05 mg and you took 0.06 instead. That 0.01 mg makes a lot of difference….

And so, before I go on for another lengthy discourse, let me just confirm for you – even vitamin supplements are not equal!

Not so smooth


I am in trouble. It’s the season to stuff your face. Even more than Christmas! It’s the Chinese New Year cum Valentine’s Day!

You see, the Chinese believe that eating “heaty” stuff like fried food, dried nuts, salty snacks causes acne. Westerners believe that eating too much chocolate makes those nasty facial spots to appear, even for adults.

So yes, true enough a few ghastly appeared on my face in parts that cannot be hidden. Thank God it is not too many otherwise adult acne treatments may be needed. But the extra embellishments on my face are not welcome. Not now, not anytime. So I am glad that my skin can have some pampering before I leave….

Better eat sensibly and not too much of chocolates and fried stuff.