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No Wonder


I had been wondering about the rash that appeared at my neck. It seemed to spread from there to my lower cheeks. It was strange to place the palms of my hands there and feel the raised skin where there was reasonable smoothness before.

Then yesterday I realised I had little lumps on my upper arms as well. Much more spread out but definitely there.

Then from the faint recesses of my memory came the realisation… and the answer.


I am allergic to alcohol.

And I have been marinating the chicken we cook in the locally made wine – potent stuff which I thought had evaporated by the time I ate…. but obviously still packing a punch.

Punching holes in my skin.

I am rather saddened by this because I am about to embark on my holiday and would like to look my best.

Mind you, I think I might be too wrapped up from the cold to show much of myself!

Still, I now no longer wonder why I have this rash.

Instead I wonder why the anti histamine that was given to me hasnt worked!