The Grains of Sand Fall Steadily…

The upturned timer waits for no one.

The hands on the face continue to sweep along.

The shadow on the dial continues its relentless course.

And so it is that I am in the final throes of the preparations for my trip. I am still pondering on my size. By the way, this makes good dietary incentive. Pondering I mean. Well, the trip as well.

I have heard that Korean ladies are very sophisticated and know how to make up. Apparently many have operations to improve their looks.

When I hear such things, I am tempted to get into some sort of diet too. Of course I would need a diet supplement to complement whatever diet I embark on…

And so, as the sand runs out, as the countdown begins, as the clock chimes…. the bottom line then. Can I get away with layers of padding and hide the extra weight?


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