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Good Results


I was pre-occupied with my thoughts. So many things to do before going away.

He was being undecided and kept going around, checking with me now and again where we should have breakfast.

Once more he asked me. I almost snarled my reply.(No, I am not always nice! FAR from it!)

Yet again he changed his mind.

Worse, the shop he thought was one kind turned out to be totally different!

Then he finally settled on the one opposite. So we trudged over. (Did I mention we were on foot and I was trying to complete a few texts that I had to send?)

As we walked over to the shop, I dragged my mind away from the messages in my hand and focused on filling my stomach and yes, to what Hubby was saying.


And what a yummy place it was too! We had forgotten the wares that this place had to offer.

This is what Hubby had – fish. Yummy fish slices in a lovely clear soup.

And this is what I had – the wickedly nice TomYum. Honestly I finished every last drop of the soup! I’ll go work it out on the ski slopes later! All in all, it turned out to be a pretty pleasant morning after all….

And yes, I did manage to get all my messages sent out before breakfast was over!