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The Grains of Sand Fall Steadily…


The upturned timer waits for no one.

The hands on the face continue to sweep along.

The shadow on the dial continues its relentless course.

And so it is that I am in the final throes of the preparations for my trip. I am still pondering on my size. By the way, this makes good dietary incentive. Pondering I mean. Well, the trip as well.

I have heard that Korean ladies are very sophisticated and know how to make up. Apparently many have operations to improve their looks.

When I hear such things, I am tempted to get into some sort of diet too. Of course I would need a diet supplement to complement whatever diet I embark on…

And so, as the sand runs out, as the countdown begins, as the clock chimes…. the bottom line then. Can I get away with layers of padding and hide the extra weight?

Preparations Preparations!


Honestly, I don’t know if I can get myself ready in time for the holiday!

Skiing in Korea. That makes it two foreign words in a sentence that is only three words long! Is it any wonder that I feel so unprepared?

To make matters worse, I cant decide if I ought to lose weight before I go or leave the weight there so I have some “padding” on me so I don’t freeze on the ski slopes! I suppose if I needed to lose weight, I could go for weight loss drinks or something like that. That might help speed things up in the short while that I have left.

Otherwise, I will just have to grin and bear it… and cover up lots of course!

Time Flies


Yes, time flies when you are having fun.

You see, I have been frantically trying to get things in order at home without a live-in help.

Now for some of us, this might be a ridiculous statement. I can imagine that. I’ve always been one to pride myself at being able to take care of the house without any help.

But that was before Bethany. Our present place is a three storey detached house. That spells WORK.

This, of course, is excluding my jungle-of-a-garden. Not to mention the 6 bathrooms. And two living rooms.

I know, it’s my fault for building it so why complain now?

Well I wasnt complaining. Merely saying that time flies when you are busy…. And it’s good to be busy and have fun at the same time! Ha~

No Wonder


I had been wondering about the rash that appeared at my neck. It seemed to spread from there to my lower cheeks. It was strange to place the palms of my hands there and feel the raised skin where there was reasonable smoothness before.

Then yesterday I realised I had little lumps on my upper arms as well. Much more spread out but definitely there.

Then from the faint recesses of my memory came the realisation… and the answer.


I am allergic to alcohol.

And I have been marinating the chicken we cook in the locally made wine – potent stuff which I thought had evaporated by the time I ate…. but obviously still packing a punch.

Punching holes in my skin.

I am rather saddened by this because I am about to embark on my holiday and would like to look my best.

Mind you, I think I might be too wrapped up from the cold to show much of myself!

Still, I now no longer wonder why I have this rash.

Instead I wonder why the anti histamine that was given to me hasnt worked!

Not Equal


What’s not equal?

Well, people aren’t for a start. Whether we like it or not! Otherwise we wouldn’t have employers and employees (yes, I know I am stating the obvious. Let me build my case!)

Another is prenatal vitamins. “What?” I can hear you exclaim. “How did you make that jump?”

Read on….

According to this site, vitamin supplements, to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation, are not intended to replace a healthy diet. (Surprise surprise) However there are varying standards of products. (Tell me about it!) Imagine going to a shelf of products and picking one out… only to find that it isn’t what it makes out to be. That, I am sad to say, has happened.

You see, vitamin supplements are classified under food acts. That means 10 mg in a tablet can mean 9.8 mg or even 10.3 mg…. and they would still pass the rules that govern sales.

Under a pharmaceutical act however, the supplement has to be exactly as it claims to be…. just as a medicine would need to be. Imagine if you were meant to take 0.05 mg and you took 0.06 instead. That 0.01 mg makes a lot of difference….

And so, before I go on for another lengthy discourse, let me just confirm for you – even vitamin supplements are not equal!

Not so smooth


I am in trouble. It’s the season to stuff your face. Even more than Christmas! It’s the Chinese New Year cum Valentine’s Day!

You see, the Chinese believe that eating “heaty” stuff like fried food, dried nuts, salty snacks causes acne. Westerners believe that eating too much chocolate makes those nasty facial spots to appear, even for adults.

So yes, true enough a few ghastly appeared on my face in parts that cannot be hidden. Thank God it is not too many otherwise adult acne treatments may be needed. But the extra embellishments on my face are not welcome. Not now, not anytime. So I am glad that my skin can have some pampering before I leave….

Better eat sensibly and not too much of chocolates and fried stuff.

Work Here or Elsewhere


Honestly. What a day I have had.

For almost a year now I have coped without a live-in household helper. At one time, once¬† a week, a cleaner would come in. Barely enough but I didn’t have much choice.

Then one appears and within a week there is miscommunication between her, her relative and me.

I am so grateful for the sermons and messages I have been listening to. They have certainly helped and seemed most apt in my situation. Putting into practice some of the practical suggestions, I am glad to say that the situation has resolved. I am so glad. I would have to have to deal with tears, some over numerous phone calls again.

At one point I nearly considered running off somewhere! I gather that south jersey jobs are pretty good and I can earn a living there without the hassle of having live-in helpers!

Different Time Zones?


Just got off chatting with my sons. Now that they are away from home, they seem to have evolved to be different creatures!

By that, I mean their waking and sleeping hours seem to be so diverse now! They have turned nocturnal! Gasp!

At one time, it got so worrying (classical mom here!) I seriously considered asking my second Arrow to research for some of the best sleeping pills and to take them! Pretty drastic I know. But that sense of “WHAT can I do?” I also feel very guilty when I am trying the chat online with him but am falling asleep! What’s more, how is it going to affect his (their) studies?!

Then I decided to be patient and not fuss. Then I realised that he seems to thrive on less hours of sleep than before. Wow….

That sounds awfully like me before.

So I suppose it’s all right…. I’m just fussin’ (Blush!)

More Health Info!


I must confess, after my last post, I wasnt expecting to be informed about more interesting health info!

This, apparently is not the latest fad, but it has been taking place for some time now. By “this” I mean herbal colon cleanse.

I must confess I a little unsure about this. Isn’t daily evacuation of waste the natural way to cleanse the body? This cleansing claims to help to clean where the natural way may have left something behind.

I leave it to your imagination how it might help. For me, the thought of inserting foreign stuff in the opposite end of my alimentary canal is enough to turn me off! But I suppose there are some people who might be desperate enough to want to try in their quest for good health….

Staying Healthy


Since we are on the topic of being healthy in my last post, something that has come to my attention is dietary fibre.  Apparently dietary fiber is the lastest craze.

What does it do? It is supposed to be a food additive used as an eulsifier and thickener. Water soluble glucomannan is one such. Products containing glucomannan, marketed under a variety of brand names, are also sold as nutritional supplements for constipation, obesity, high cholesterol, acne vulgaris and, I gather, even type 2 diabetes!

Sounds pretty powerful doesn’t it. Well, right now we don’t need it, but it’s pretty handy to keep in mind!