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Improving Performance


You just had to laugh.

Otherwise you’d cry.


How long had she been doing this without anyone giving her some help?

Or advice?

I stood there for a long while, watching from afar. I was afraid that I would distract her from her work if I got too near. She was an old friend. A dear old friend. A dear old friend who was obviously struggling.

Actually, I say that I watched her from afar. But in reality, I could barely see her. There was such a crowd around her. The glimpses I got of her showed her normally composed features creased into a frown which didn’t seem to ease throughout the entire time she sat there. If anything, they seemed to be even more set as the beads of sweat trickled down the sides, framing her normally beautiful unlined face. Meanwhile, the crowds thronged her, waving their hands and pressing for her attention. She frantically processed their payments, scrambling for change as she dug into a box of cash on the chair beside her.

It was almost an hour before there was any possibility of talking with her.  Another hour before she seemed to be able to make some sense of her takings. I walked closer to her table where she sat, money stacked in varying piles on the table, some falling over. Beside them were discarded receipts. After seeing how she worked earlier, I could not help but wonder how she could possibly make any reasonable reconciliation….

When she caught sight of me, there was initially a flicker of recognition; of trying to place who I was.

Then I saw it.

That beaming smile that always preceded her squeal.

And I was not disappointed.

She was the only one who could squeal and still pronounce my name so clearly.

Then, with one hand keeping the box open, she swept her whole night’s work into it with her other hand, snapped it shut and then jumped up to greet me with a huge hug.

After an hour of catching up, I managed to bring up her work and she poured out her woes. Those creases appeared again. It was stressful just listening to her!

Finally I managed to get a word in and start giving her some suggestions. Amongst which was simply to have her cash sorted in their respective denominations. Something like an mmf drawer would do just the trick. Another tip was to have better crowd control and not let the crowd control her. Of course the obvious was to have an assistant she could trust and could share the workload with. It was unnecessary for her to handle it all by herself.

I have to say that I went home feeling rather pleased that I was able to help her. Much  more, of course, is that I have found an old friend!

We’ve made a date to meet up next week and this time we won’t be talking work!

Shall I Do It?


Sometimes when I use this laptop I get funny behaviour. I suppose it is the operating system. At least I think it is. I don’t think it is the hardware.

I am tempted to re-format the entire thing and start again. I know, I know, it would be such a hassle! Especially since I have a number of different software already in!

But the alternative would be to start all over again and look at the laptops available which my budget is not really set for.

Hence my dilemma. Should I crash it and start all over again…. or just look at the figures and prices….!

PP vs TT


In my battle against the bulge I get sabotaged – hee hee.

Was given this!

I think that I must put some exercise in.

The other day I was reminded of our previous aspirations for the basement – table tennis! Or otherwise known as ping-pong! There is enough space for a table so we had seriously checked the price of ping pong tables to see if we ought to get one. As it turned out, someone wanted to pass us one and then found out that it had been promised to someone else by the spouse. Later the promise didnt work out and then reverted back to us – too late. It had been promised to yet another place… so yeah, back to checking.

But I have always wondered – ping pong and table tennis. Aren’t they the same? Or is one a more “serious” form than the other!

Camera Shy



They want to take our photo! (I was going to write, “Arrgh they wanna take our photooooooo” but then realised that would sound childish, as if I was whining. So ahem!)

In case you havent noticed, apart from my profile photo (which I havent changed in goodness knows how long) I dislike having my face on display. In fact, where possible, I hide it!

That’s right. I do that.

But now, oh dear, the word is out – we have to have a staff photo taken….

Worse, it will go on the internet. The worldwide web.

Oh dear oh dear. I wish I could say I was looking my best but I am beginning to sprout pimples again. Arrrgh!

Do More For Less


I stood on the scales and decided I needed to do something.

I had had a week-long binge, yes, but now that I was back to my usual, I still feel bulky. Not nice at all.

But what else could I do?

I decided to do increase my physical activity.

And what better way than to work in the garden, especially with the weather we have been having! Of course I will work in the evenings.

This means I will have to look into some outdoor décor

But it will have to be light things because I cant do heavy lifting… but I must say I am looking forward to this!

Now to persuade Hubby that this is a good thing to do… spend more, to be less I mean!

Captions Wanted


He was supposed to have been passed on to some children to play with.

But somehow he got left behind.

Someone stuck him up on the blinds. He looked cool there. Dont you think so too? Especially with his sunglasses!

But over time, he was forgotten.

And he got neglected.

It was almost as if he felt insignificant.

And small.

And he shrunk in the eyes of man.

*Laughing out loud*

Such a sad story. Is there a moral to this? Is there a happy ending?

Answers and suggestions welcome! The winner…. let’s see… I’ll have to think of something to give away. No, not balloons!

Found It!


For weeks now, I have been searching periodically. I KNEW I had not lost it. Merely misplaced it.

Yet try as I might, I could not recover it.

I was getting pretty despondent.

I even posted about it – see here.It was not a pleasant time trying to track it down. I’d open drawers and bags and pop my hand in only to withdraw empty handed. I’d peek into lockers and corners thinking it had dropped there and be met with dusty darkness.

Then today, inspiration came.

Look in a pouch. It should not be there. But that was one place I had not tried.

And of course, it was there.

My Nokia E71 synchronizing cable

I must say I am so glad to have found it again!

Cutting Away the Years


With all that talk about looks, skin care, weight gain and all, did I tell you that I have had a hair cut?


Well I did.

I dont have a long mad mane now. I just have a long layered mane. It’s lighter and easier to manage.

Oh, and I have a fringe.

Hides the wrinkles!

Amazing what a good cut can do….

No, no photos. The hair cut didn’t do away the bags under my eyes….

To Take or Not to Take


Weight loss!


Maintaining good health!

The hazards of modern living means I eat too much and exercise too little. My weight gain is in major danger of outpacing my calories burnt.

Little by little, before I know it, I can feel myself getting all bloated up.

So what is the solution? Well, I know I need help, especially when I don’t want to exercise or do not have the time to exercise.

Some have suggested that phentermine diet pills will help. I will need to check them out. Especially if I want to make the Mount Kinabalu climb that I have postponed….

Prevention and Cure


Staying on the topic of skin care and food, I have been concerned that over eating and under exercising plus weight gain can result in acne appearing. Especially in the light of the current hot and dry weather. It hasn’t rained since mid-February here. Rain isn’t expected till APRIL! The thought of acne gives me the shudders. Better do something about this…

Someone sent me an article about the virtues of lemon grass. Lemon grass or the local tanglad (scientific name: Cymbopogon ciatrus) is one of those wondrous herbs that one can always associate with Asian cooking Thai. Malaysian and Vietnamese homegrown meal enthusiasts always have this tropical grass at hand for its aromatic citrus flavor with a trace of ginger. I used to have some growing in my garden till the hot spell and no gardener killed them off. Few people know that its other popular name is citronella – the common scent you usually find in candles, perfumes and soaps. On top of all its various and wonderful properties listed in this email I received the claim is also to reduce acne! This makes me want to start growing lemon grass again.

But wait.

It only says “reduce”.

Hmmmm I might just need to explore more about exposed acne treatment reviews after all.