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After visiting Korea and seeing the homes there, it makes me wonder about owning a home in another place. After all, it is everyone’s dream to live in a house they own, a place to call home. Indeed, every year millions of young people embark on their journey into the job market after high schools, colleges or universities. Millions get married and millions more are born. There is ever increase in demand for new homes, no matter what the economic climate is.

Not everyone has an opportunity like me to build a house from scratch. Purchase is an option we all start with, after renting. Is there a good time to buy a house? Some would say it’s a buyer’s market. Others would use the phrase it’s a seller’s market. Which is why a job in real estate is always a good choice.

Thinking further, starting with a Real Estate job search could be a good way to launch into the this field. Perhaps this is something I should ask my foster son to consider…..

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