For the Occasion

Arrow Number 2 is due home soon. While he is back, I have decided that he needs to do what Arrow Number 1 did – get a jacket.

Or, better still, get a tux.

Just the word – tuxedos. It rolls off the tongue so nicely, conjuring up the suave, sharp look a man must have for a black tie occasion, or a formal dinner function or a wedding reception. To me, it is never out of date, always in fashion and a safe bet. When you need something to blend in with the uppity crowd, tuxedos is the way to go.

You can have one tailor made or you can rent it. Rental gives you choices of different cuts for different occasion. But it will never feel as comfortable as to have one fitted. Your money, your choice.

So when Arrow Number 2 gets back, I plan to take him shopping. He won’t enjoy it of course, being the typical, going-to-leave-the-teenage-years chap that he is. But Momma will have her way…..!

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