Have you ever played with Slinky? That coiled up contraption that can “climb downstairs”?

If you ever have, then you would know that sometimes when little hands get onto Slinky, there can be quite a devastating effect on Slinky. It could never ever be the same again….

Which was ALMOST what happened the other day!

Poor, poor Slinky. I thought it was a goner.

Then this kind uncle took pity.

And decided that the challenge was too good to pass by.

So he sought to sort out Slinky (wow almost a tongue-twister there)

It made a nice colourful photo opportunity too (Hee Hee)

After about ten minutes, to my delight, I could see some semblance of order.

Then another five minutes later, voila!

Isn’t this uncle clever?

It just goes to show that with a little bit of patience and perseverance, concentration and determination, you can do something complicating like untangling a very jumbled up Slinky!

And no, he is not my real uncle. It’s just the way younger children address older folk here – out of respect.

So Slinky lives to see another day…. And perhaps make another post!

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