My second offspring has completed his first year! On a scholarship, I am glad to say that he has done reasonably well. Our thought turn towards the next few years. What next, we wonder.

As career paths are getting more competitive, more people are opting to get a degree or two to enhance their chance of advancing in their chosen field. Armed with a degree, coupled together with experience, you will stand out. Furthermore, with unemployment on a record high and with no sign of improving soon, those with a degree stand a better chance of being employed compared with those without a degree. Indeed, for those already in employment, a degree may give them a better chance of not being laid off.

Most times, getting a degree can be costly – fees are not cheap. What’s more, leaving a job to further your study is not an option many can afford to take. You lose job security on top having to pay for the cost of furthering your studies. It’s almost like double jeopardy!

That is why so many are looking at getting an online degree. There are plenty to choose from such as Western Governors University which gives a wide range of choices and seem ideal to provide online programs designed for busy adults. A nationally and regionally accredited institution, there are a great variety of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Information Technology, Teacher Licensure, Business and Health Professional. An online IT degree is equally recognised.

Hence Hubby and I think that this is the direction for our son to go after he has finished his basic qualifications!

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