Skin Care

I just have to post again today!

My friends came over and we did what we never thought we would do! I mean, it’s the sort of things you read about; not actually do it!

But we did!

We actually went through our holiday photos with them!

That’s so corny, right? Well, the nice thing was that we really enjoyed ourselves doing so. Otherwise we wouldn’t have inflicted the photos on our friends.

But what I am really posting about is something I had been meaning to since even before we came back from Korea!

Meet our tour guide.

Through her, we found out what we were already observing – the Koreans are very meticulous about their looks. They have a saying that there is no ugly people, only lazy people. This means that lazy people will not spend time to make themselves look good.

Hence our Korean tourist guide will spend an hour making up. Everyday she has the same meticulous face. Her secret? Apart from the time spent, she uses the best face cream made in Korea! At least, that’s what she tells us!

By the way, she says she’s not as young as she looks. Guess how old she is….

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