Prevention and Cure

Staying on the topic of skin care and food, I have been concerned that over eating and under exercising plus weight gain can result in acne appearing. Especially in the light of the current hot and dry weather. It hasn’t rained since mid-February here. Rain isn’t expected till APRIL! The thought of acne gives me the shudders. Better do something about this…

Someone sent me an article about the virtues of lemon grass. Lemon grass or the local tanglad (scientific name: Cymbopogon ciatrus) is one of those wondrous herbs that one can always associate with Asian cooking Thai. Malaysian and Vietnamese homegrown meal enthusiasts always have this tropical grass at hand for its aromatic citrus flavor with a trace of ginger. I used to have some growing in my garden till the hot spell and no gardener killed them off. Few people know that its other popular name is citronella – the common scent you usually find in candles, perfumes and soaps. On top of all its various and wonderful properties listed in this email I received the claim is also to reduce acne! This makes me want to start growing lemon grass again.

But wait.

It only says “reduce”.

Hmmmm I might just need to explore more about exposed acne treatment reviews after all.

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