Captions Wanted

He was supposed to have been passed on to some children to play with.

But somehow he got left behind.

Someone stuck him up on the blinds. He looked cool there. Dont you think so too? Especially with his sunglasses!

But over time, he was forgotten.

And he got neglected.

It was almost as if he felt insignificant.

And small.

And he shrunk in the eyes of man.

*Laughing out loud*

Such a sad story. Is there a moral to this? Is there a happy ending?

Answers and suggestions welcome! The winner…. let’s see… I’ll have to think of something to give away. No, not balloons!

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4 Responses to “Captions Wanted”

  1. gracia Says:

    Love your writing style.. bravo!


  2. janet Says:

    the moral? people need encouragement. if we don’t get it, we die. the attrition rate among workers is high and lack of encouragement is one major reason why.

    so… where’s my giveaway?


  3. janet Says:

    *the moral lesson

    (i submitted this right after i did the above comment. wordpress asked me to slow down. LOL. so i am resending. hope it is not too soon this time). LOL.


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