Do More For Less

I stood on the scales and decided I needed to do something.

I had had a week-long binge, yes, but now that I was back to my usual, I still feel bulky. Not nice at all.

But what else could I do?

I decided to do increase my physical activity.

And what better way than to work in the garden, especially with the weather we have been having! Of course I will work in the evenings.

This means I will have to look into some outdoor décor

But it will have to be light things because I cant do heavy lifting… but I must say I am looking forward to this!

Now to persuade Hubby that this is a good thing to do… spend more, to be less I mean!

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One Response to “Do More For Less”

  1. janet Says:

    working on a garden is a good exercise. therapeutic too. at least for me, it is. but then again, i have long-neglected my garden. so this is a good reminder.


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