Camera Shy


They want to take our photo! (I was going to write, “Arrgh they wanna take our photooooooo” but then realised that would sound childish, as if I was whining. So ahem!)

In case you havent noticed, apart from my profile photo (which I havent changed in goodness knows how long) I dislike having my face on display. In fact, where possible, I hide it!

That’s right. I do that.

But now, oh dear, the word is out – we have to have a staff photo taken….

Worse, it will go on the internet. The worldwide web.

Oh dear oh dear. I wish I could say I was looking my best but I am beginning to sprout pimples again. Arrrgh!


2 Responses to “Camera Shy”

  1. El Says:

    hahahahah! Oh Aunt Liz! 🙂 You’re beautiful! don’t need to hide, though I DO understand your sentiments cz I experience it myself! haha!


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