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A Café


My Hubby has embarked on a new venture. Haha!

We are mad.

At this age.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is Kahve!

Kahve is a café. Franchised, Western fare served in what I feel is a lovely setting, and good location at the 1 Borneo Hypermall.

This photo was taken before the mad lunch rush, a pre-opening by-invitation-only gathering.

Lots of teething problems encountered, which is to be expected. But overall it went better in the evening and tomorrow…. well, they’re going full steam ahead!

Drop by sometime when you are around…. you wont be disappointed!



We were out for a walk. It’s a hairpin turn. Sharp and steep. In a twinkling of an eye, it shot past.

No, not this motorbike.

It went too fast to take a picture of!

What am I talking about?

Wheeeeeeeeeee! Vrooommmmm! Yes, it was a Ferrari! Chili red and sleek low slung wheels. The dream of many.

But, guess what? It’s not my dream.

To me, a car is merely a transportation from A to B. What’s more, can you imagine the maintenance of a Ferrari? Any idea how much Ferrari parts cost? Ha! Let me stick to my Innova….. I think! Haha!

Another Reason


All this talk about diet of late. I have another reason for venturing into this topic.

I was doing the laundry the other day, and as I hung up my daughter’s jeans, I could not help but think of how, once, a long time ago, I would have fitted into them! OK, I know they are much much smaller. But the leggings! Seems like another lifetime ago….

Recently though I was introduced to Joe’s jeans and these have become a semi-incentive to me.

Ah, even as I typed that sentence above, I realise a problem there.

If it is only a semi-incentive, I might not succeed!

Let me go back and view that site again!

Which is Worse


I saw this article in the news recently. It showed the fat distribution and how it can squash your vital internal organs. Not a pretty sight. It’s a nasty thought too.

Seeing how badly it can affect us, it makes it tempting to go on strict diets, even to take diet pills.

But there is a flip side to it as well of course. Especially for the diet pills. One should always do research into diet pill side effects before going to take them. Otherwise one would be in worse condition than before!



I had lunch with some friends the other day.

It was a buffet lunch. What a wide spread of food.

Then it was time for dessert.

And this is what one came back with.

Hence the title of my post. It’s a bit too much for one person, don’t you think?

Folks like these need to diet. And not just any diet. They would need extra help like really effective diet pills!

It was good that one member of the family was more sensible and advised non-complete consumption!

However, then one was left with discarded leftovers.

Good leftovers

Which needed attending to, but folks such as myself! Hahahaha!

Yes I overdid it at lunch the other day!

More Help Needed


It is getting ridiculous. Going to extreme in getting the extra weights off.

Some people are desperate. Looking for all kinds of methods. Looking even at nuphedragen reviews to see if any lifeline can be obtained.

But I found one that seems to help. It’s called hip-hop abs. You dance to hip hop and do certain exercise, guaranteed to trim your waistline. Sounds good huh? Just waiting for my laptop to be healed and then I will look at it!

Whatever Next?


Hubby is not the only one who got a new phone. We know someone else who has the same model.

But whilst Hubby has it because it is a substitute for a dying phone, this person has it as a status symbol. (No, I am not being critical. I am merely quoting him!)

Not only does he flash a phone about, he is obsessed about his looks. There was a time when women used to be more concerned over their looks. However beauty products for men is increasingly more evident as more men such as our friend are getting more conscious in how they feel and look.

Similarly in the dieting aids sector. It used to be the women are targeted but now men are being told they need to go on diet to lose weight. No wonder there are now diet pills for men. Haha! How specific can you get?

Working It Out


For weeks now I have been working on the laptop.

It’s been rather frustrating because I could figure out how to do most things but the one stickng point has been how to transfer all my data that is in Outlook. I know, I know you Mac guys out there would be saying all kinds of things – I can hear you! But you see, I dont have a choice here. The systems are what I have to use and so talking about switching etc is not going to help right now.

Anyway, I took a whole day today (my day off) to try to figure this out. I suppose I am slow. But in the past, it was an easy process. Now it seems like I have to do much more to get the data over. And it has taken me quite a while to do it. Main reason for the delay? I have A LOT of data and I can’t just pull it over like I did before.

Experimenting with the different ways in the past left me somewhat frustrated. Checking on line and not finding the information or help that I needed left me desperate.

Until now. Until less than an hour ago.

Folks, I am pleased to inform you that I have worked it out! There are a few steps involved…. But I am pleased as a punch! Wheeee!

Now to spend the rest of tonight archiving in separate folders correctly, storing the data safely and then voila! In should have the whole thing back up in no time!

He Did It!


Hubby finally succumbed.

His old mobile had been giving up slowly but surely. It was hard work at times to talk with him. He would be shouting as if it would make the speaker on his phone better, deafening those of us on the other end of the conversation!

He was given another sort of phone but he didn’t like to learn a new system and tried to pass it off to me. But I didn’t want to give up my own Nokia E71.

So in the end, he got one too.

Yes, the same model as mine!

He is now so pleased with what he has.

And I am glad he has finally changed phones and I can talk with him better!



It had been months since I did any.

I was beginning to wonder if I would lose my touch!

Arrow #2 was about to return to his studies and I offered.

And he said, “Yes please”

So out came the utensils again.

Yes, folks, I got baking again.

Brownies and banana-walnut muffins.

What’s more, the leftovers were scoffed by our Friday night friends!

Love it when the food is appreciated. I get a sense of SATISFACTION!