Replacment Needed

I know I have a lot of files at work.

In fact, I operate with files – clear plastic files, hard cover files, crocodile clip files, lever arch files, you name it, I probably have it. Mostly I operate with the clear plastic files. These are mostly kept in the filing cabinet unless I am working on the contents. The harder covered ones are usually sitting in the cupboard till I need them.

When I am in office, I will have the clear plastic covered files sorted out in chronological deadline order and in order of priority. Periodically I will flick through the pile and pull one out to attend to it.

Ever so occasionally I will refer to the data in the cupboard.

Which is what I did a few days ago.

Which is why I am making this post.

As I went to unlock the cupboard, I suddenly realised that the cupboard had broken apart at the base and was barely holding together! Scrambling to make sure that the contents didn’t all spill apart, I multi-tasked to search for an office supplies contact and dialled their number quickly. It was such a relief to get a replacement the very same day!

Such things make a normally “mundane” day in the office seem somewhat interesting! Haha!


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