Looking Younger

I just have to post this! Haha!

A friend came by to drop some things about an hour ago. As she left, she mentioned that I looked busy and I said that was because I didn’t have a household help. I had just been sorting out some dry fried peanuts (More about that in another post!)

Anyway, then she said that I looked I was keeping fit. I replied that I was, and that what I really wanted was to lose weight.

She exclaimed, “Oh, but you have!” And then she added the clincher, “And you look younger”! I laughed and suggested that it was because I had a fringe now. (Amazing what a good haircut can do)

However, I know that she says so because I looked good under the light too. Haha!

Folks, those dark rings and wrinkles that had been around my eyes, showing a lack of sleep and tiredness brought on by my at-times non-stop busy schedule, are a thing of the past! I have been experimenting to find the best eye cream for wrinkles and have reaped results of my efforts.

And evidently, my friend noticed! Ahem!

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