Which Way

When we were in Korea, apart from seeing people go skiing, we also saw people dressed for trekking. Hubby reckons that if we ever go back, the children and I can learn to ski, he will trek!

But apart from having a foretaste of these new experiences, one other thing that stood out was the super-fit state of the people we met!

No one was overweight. I wonder how they got to this super-state!

Someone suggested xenadrine rfa x! No, I am not swearing! Haha! Apparently this is a product for those who are desperate to lose weight. Koreans are very particular about their appearance you see. Why, even when I was taken to a spa where the ladies walked around in their birthday suits I could see clearly older ladies without a wrinkle! (If you don’t know what a birthday suit is, think about what you wear when you are born…! Exactly!)

That last remark reminds me of another post I must share with you one day….

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