And There the Similarities End

They sounded alike.

They gestured similarly.

Their walk were the same.

Their taste in choice of colours for their clothes were the of the same hue too!

And when they turned, yes, even the parting of their hair was on the same side!

My old friend had brought her teenage daughter along for our tea appointment. It was amazing to see them together. It was dejavu. Flashbacks.

That is, until I saw her daughter’s face. No wonder she stooped ever so slightly compared to her mother. I had to control my expressions and greet them both with equally big smiles.

Her poor daughter was obviously suffering from an acute acne flareup. I resolved to speak to my friend privately at some point and direct her to an exposed acne treatment review to get the best possible treatment for her offspring. For a young lady of this age, having good skin goes a long way to self-confidence. It would be wonderful if she turned out to be as poised and graceful as her mother, if not more so!

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