Improvements Needed

Flabby legs. Flabby thighs. Flabby stomach. Flabby all over. I have been feeling like this for a while.

Then recently I went away for a few days for a ladies only time alone. I chose to drive of course. (Perhaps it’s the need to feel in control?)

Anyway, along the way, I saw it – the ultimate exercise that would be also enjoyable. Of course, I would need new gear and time out to do it. But oh, I can just see it! What an improvement it would be to my entire physique! The toning! The sculpturing that will take place….yes!

Let me go online to scout out the clothing and attire available. After all, an improvement in the wardrobe department would not be amiss either!

P.S. Don’t laugh or scorn. After all, I did go skiing not so long ago!

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