Screams at Dawn

She told us how she had prepared.

She had gone up stairs, stepping gently so as not to wake anyone up.

There, she gathered all her packed bags. Scanned the room one more time.

Then she realised she had forgotten to take the water from her bedside locker down first.

So she picked up the jug and cup and headed towards the stairs.

And that’s when it happened.

It was so fast.

It was an instinctive response. Less than the blink of an eye. It startled her.

And she screamed.

Oh did she scream.

And she threw up the jug of water in her hand.

Oh did it splash everywhere.

Her husband scrambled out of bed and threw open his bedroom door, wondering why the home security systems didn’t kick in and send out its warning…..

The it turns out that she had had an encounter with a rat!l

But it was not ordinary rat. It was huge!

And her husband promised her that it would be caught by the time she came back from her three day retreat….

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