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Working It Out


For weeks now I have been working on the laptop.

It’s been rather frustrating because I could figure out how to do most things but the one stickng point has been how to transfer all my data that is in Outlook. I know, I know you Mac guys out there would be saying all kinds of things – I can hear you! But you see, I dont have a choice here. The systems are what I have to use and so talking about switching etc is not going to help right now.

Anyway, I took a whole day today (my day off) to try to figure this out. I suppose I am slow. But in the past, it was an easy process. Now it seems like I have to do much more to get the data over. And it has taken me quite a while to do it. Main reason for the delay? I have A LOT of data and I can’t just pull it over like I did before.

Experimenting with the different ways in the past left me somewhat frustrated. Checking on line and not finding the information or help that I needed left me desperate.

Until now. Until less than an hour ago.

Folks, I am pleased to inform you that I have worked it out! There are a few steps involved…. But I am pleased as a punch! Wheeee!

Now to spend the rest of tonight archiving in separate folders correctly, storing the data safely and then voila! In should have the whole thing back up in no time!