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Did you know we bought our son who is in university a second hand car?

We tested it and have even driven it over more than a thousand kilometres within a week after we bought it. It proved to be reliable.

However we as parents will always be concern of breakdown when we are not around. Sure enough it happened. Not that he told us about it of course – he posted in on Facebook instead!

We are glad that there are services such as Such services give us parents an easier night’s sleep!

Screams at Dawn


She told us how she had prepared.

She had gone up stairs, stepping gently so as not to wake anyone up.

There, she gathered all her packed bags. Scanned the room one more time.

Then she realised she had forgotten to take the water from her bedside locker down first.

So she picked up the jug and cup and headed towards the stairs.

And that’s when it happened.

It was so fast.

It was an instinctive response. Less than the blink of an eye. It startled her.

And she screamed.

Oh did she scream.

And she threw up the jug of water in her hand.

Oh did it splash everywhere.

Her husband scrambled out of bed and threw open his bedroom door, wondering why the home security systems didn’t kick in and send out its warning…..

The it turns out that she had had an encounter with a rat!l

But it was not ordinary rat. It was huge!

And her husband promised her that it would be caught by the time she came back from her three day retreat….

The Cause


OK I must confess. There is a reason for the weight gain.

Reckless eating is the top reason.

Especially ingesting grub such as this…

What a wining combination!

* Raspberry ripple ice cream – sweet, wet, cold, soft, melts in the mouth

* Cream Style corn – slightly savoury, soft but doesn’t melt in the mouth, with some texture

* Dry fried peanuts – hard, crunchy, full of flavour and nutrition.

What more can you ask for?

Did I hear you say the weighing scales? Ha!

Relief of Backache


Ahhh my back suddenly started to hurt today.

I think it’s because I did something I should not have done. Something I had not done for sometime now.

I lifted some heavy things. I mean really heavy things.

Since then, I have paid for my actions.

Hubby tells me that I should lie on the floor. That will relax my back.

Which is fine except that I want to do something while I am lying there.

Such as watch the television for my favourite crime series.

But it is not a nice angle for someone lying on the floor.

Which is why I am seriously thinking of looking for a new flat panel mount for my flat screen. There MUST be some thing which will allow me to lie down and watch Max, Horatio and Ray and relax my back….

Not a Moment too Soon


The dry spell was getting just a little too much.

We are not the sort to turn on the air-conditioner every day. Far from it. We are more into ceiling fans and open windows. Especially since we live on a hill.

The dry spell was pushing us to the limit though. It was such a relief that the rains came!

I was sooo glad that we could go back to our usual way of not resorting to the extra-bill-to-pay-to-cool-down equipment.

Of course, the downside is the clothes not drying… ah well, you can’t have it all…

Improvements Needed


Flabby legs. Flabby thighs. Flabby stomach. Flabby all over. I have been feeling like this for a while.

Then recently I went away for a few days for a ladies only time alone. I chose to drive of course. (Perhaps it’s the need to feel in control?)

Anyway, along the way, I saw it – the ultimate exercise that would be also enjoyable. Of course, I would need new gear and time out to do it. But oh, I can just see it! What an improvement it would be to my entire physique! The toning! The sculpturing that will take place….yes!

Let me go online to scout out the clothing and attire available. After all, an improvement in the wardrobe department would not be amiss either!

P.S. Don’t laugh or scorn. After all, I did go skiing not so long ago!

Watching Weighting


Tonight I go out for another dinner.

Last week was an almost unbroken week of dinner appointments. Not forgetting my regular morning breakfast dates with Hubby. I am in dire need of assistance. I am watching my weight. Watching and waiting to see if I will put on…. so far so good. I suppose if it gets bad, I could go for stuff like phentermine which promises quick results. I am a little concerned about side effects of course…

But in the meantime, things are still (just about) OK….

And There the Similarities End


They sounded alike.

They gestured similarly.

Their walk were the same.

Their taste in choice of colours for their clothes were the of the same hue too!

And when they turned, yes, even the parting of their hair was on the same side!

My old friend had brought her teenage daughter along for our tea appointment. It was amazing to see them together. It was dejavu. Flashbacks.

That is, until I saw her daughter’s face. No wonder she stooped ever so slightly compared to her mother. I had to control my expressions and greet them both with equally big smiles.

Her poor daughter was obviously suffering from an acute acne flareup. I resolved to speak to my friend privately at some point and direct her to an exposed acne treatment review to get the best possible treatment for her offspring. For a young lady of this age, having good skin goes a long way to self-confidence. It would be wonderful if she turned out to be as poised and graceful as her mother, if not more so!

Looking Younger


I just have to post this! Haha!

A friend came by to drop some things about an hour ago. As she left, she mentioned that I looked busy and I said that was because I didn’t have a household help. I had just been sorting out some dry fried peanuts (More about that in another post!)

Anyway, then she said that I looked I was keeping fit. I replied that I was, and that what I really wanted was to lose weight.

She exclaimed, “Oh, but you have!” And then she added the clincher, “And you look younger”! I laughed and suggested that it was because I had a fringe now. (Amazing what a good haircut can do)

However, I know that she says so because I looked good under the light too. Haha!

Folks, those dark rings and wrinkles that had been around my eyes, showing a lack of sleep and tiredness brought on by my at-times non-stop busy schedule, are a thing of the past! I have been experimenting to find the best eye cream for wrinkles and have reaped results of my efforts.

And evidently, my friend noticed! Ahem!

Which Way


When we were in Korea, apart from seeing people go skiing, we also saw people dressed for trekking. Hubby reckons that if we ever go back, the children and I can learn to ski, he will trek!

But apart from having a foretaste of these new experiences, one other thing that stood out was the super-fit state of the people we met!

No one was overweight. I wonder how they got to this super-state!

Someone suggested xenadrine rfa x! No, I am not swearing! Haha! Apparently this is a product for those who are desperate to lose weight. Koreans are very particular about their appearance you see. Why, even when I was taken to a spa where the ladies walked around in their birthday suits I could see clearly older ladies without a wrinkle! (If you don’t know what a birthday suit is, think about what you wear when you are born…! Exactly!)

That last remark reminds me of another post I must share with you one day….