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Hiding Away


It’s been good to have a long holiday weekend. I can hide.

My face is a mess. I need some powerful stuff like acnepril to see if I can sort out these eruptions once and for all.It’s the scarring I dread. But if I keep picking at them that is exactly what will happen – I will get scars.

Perhaps someone can invent something that will stop my hand as it makes its way northwards unconsciously to do its dastardly deeds….. ? Help anyone?

New Discovery!


Well, I must confess this is not a totally new discovery. It’s more a new thing or toy for me!

Well, let me clarify that a little more. It’s not really a toy for me. It’s a toy I’d like to have!

What am I on about? The latest craze which I never thought would grab me!

Having a barbecue!

Is this news a bit of a letdown? So sorry! Allow me to explain.

The whole concept of barbecues is not really a popular one here where I live because of the hot weather. Who wants to stand over a barbecue pit and get all hot and sweaty?

BUT of late, it just occurred to me (hence the NEW DISCOVERY!) for three wonderful reasons, I can go hunting for electric grills these few days!

One, the weather has been cooler. In fact, it’s been really nice!

Two, my house, being on a hill IS cooler anyway! And I have ample space in the front and sides to have people mingle and enjoy. Ahhh… I can just see it!

Three, I received a little bit of money recently…. just in time for the sales!

Now, before you scorn my simple mind, let me just ask – does anyone wants to be on my invitation list? Ha! Bring on the marinated stuff!

Holiday Happenings


It’s the start of a long holiday weekend here! So glad that we will be having a few days off that we can spend with our families and loved ones.

Arrow #3 and I went shopping! There is a warehouse sale on. So off we went, braving the crowds.

I intensely dislike crowds, except when they are at my Hubby’s cafe! Haha!

Today was no exception. So many bodies leaning over to reach the same blouse you want to grab. No fun.

Suddenly I heard my name being called out. Despite all the confusion and chaos, I couldn’t miss it because I had just met with her a few days ago – it was my many-similarities-but-especially-one-difference friend! (See post from a few days ago)

I was stunned to see her smiling and making her way towards me; bags of purchases on one arm, a handful of garments clutched tightly in her chubby fist, and more bags waving in the air as she swung them on the other hand as she greeted me, nearly bashing the woman next to her in her haste to reach me.

By the time she reached me, her flushed face told me she was extremely pleased with herself, and it wasn’t just because of her purchases! She had fought the crowds and won!

I laughed with her and guided her to a more quiet spot (is there ever such a place during sale time?) and asked why on earth she was doing this foolhardy thing – should she not be resting at home? After all, she was no spring chicken and being five months pregnant, surely she should feel tired and ought to put her feet up.

No, she cheerfully replied. She felt fine, she assured me. She had started taking the best prenatal vitamins ever and she felt fine! Upon hearing the words prenatal, my auto-deflect mode came on and I experienced selective deafness – which is quite easy to experience in a crowd that we were in.

The deafness continued even as I gently guided her to have lunch at Hubby’s cafe. Ha!

Another Form of Just Feeling It


Arrgh! As I type this up, I am positively aching!

Yesterday I posted about how I was missing Hubby. But what I didn’t mention (because I was caught up with feeling sorry for myself) was that I have been doing some exercises – different from the ones I would normally do – to fill up my time.

It’s been YEARS since I picked up flags to play with – the kind on special sticks that you twirl. It’s also been a while since I really danced with a tambourine (I know what you’re thinking – “What a sight it must be!” Well stop your thoughts going there!)

Folks, over the last two days I have done this form of exercise twice! I forgot I had gluteal maximus muscles that had reached southwards. Today they scream at me “Why did you bounce us so!” I was sorely reminded of the softness of the tissues of my fingers as I watched them go red and then dark purple, declaring “You’ll never get your rings back on again!”

Why oh why did I inflict that on myself? (That’s another long story, for another post!)

I am just so glad that I could flop on my bed and crash out last night. A good mattress and a good pillow on a good bed – all so essential for a good night’s rest!

Now I just need a good all over massage as well….

Just Feeling It


Ahhh Hubby’s away for a few days.

He’s only just left for this trip but I’m missing him already.

In fact, as I type this up, I  am actually stalling about going to sleep. It’s after midnight but I am still sitting here in the Family Area, the television blaring some nonsensical programme.

I guess I should turn in. Though I am not sure if I will be able to fall asleep. I could do with a natural sleep aid I suppose. Anything to help me not miss that man who’s been part of my life for well over thirty five years…. I DO dislike days like these….

Similarities and Differences


I just met up with a friend over tea. As we sat down together, I couldn’t help noticing the similarities we had.

We are both mothers.

We have both had difficulties conceiving initially.

We are both married to men who sport moustaches.

Our firstborn was conceived and born outside of our native land.

Our second child was also conceived outside of our homeland, but born locally.

Our first car was a white one.

And our second car was a 4×4 one!

Amazing isn’t it!

Similarities aside, there is one major thing that we differ right now though. And I am sooooo very glad that we do!

Right now, she is expecting her fourth and I am not! Phew! As our conversation turned to prenatal vitamins and their merits compared to just eating fresh fruit and vegetables. I had to admit I was secretly relieved!

In Preparation


I’ve been staring in the mirror too often these days.

Went out in the sun without sunblock too much and the freckles are out.

Put on too much foundation without properly cleaning and the pores are blocked.

Ate too many chocolates and the secretions have gone haywire.

Right now, can’t think about haircut too seriously because I have erupted. Sigh.

It’s a good job I know a little about things like acne treatments which can help! Sometime though, I do wish I didn’t have to resort to them! Still, it’s good to have some remedies at hand in preparation for my visit to the hairdresser. Then she won’t but tut-tutting my skin as she snips her scissors away….

What’s Suitable


In line with my intention to have my hair cut next week, I also have to consider what would suit my face and what would suit me overall.

I mean, with a long rectangular face, having shoulder length straight cut would just “square” everything. That’s not what I want.

If I cut it like a page boy, short and ever so easy to maintain, it might look incongruous with my larger-than-life frame.

Speaking of my frame, I stood on the scales again today. Granted it was post-breakfast, and yes, I was wearing long pants and work clothes. True, it was not first thing in the morning, which is my usual. Whilst these do add to the weight I still didn’t like what I saw.

Made me want to reach for the diet pills again. THEN and maybe then, I’ll go and see about that suitable haircut!

Longer or Shorter?


For some time now, I have been letting my hair grow. It has been fun. My hair was somewhat difficult to manage but nice because it was full-bodied.

Then I cut the herb I have been taking by more than half.

Now my hair has become more limp and soft like before (can someone explain the physiology of this?)

So much so that it is clingy to my head and somewhat lame. I really need a new haircut.

So the question is, “Should I cut more or less?” Whilst I like my long hair, there is only one main obstacle – it so limp!

If I didnt cut it, the danger is that the long hair would make my face look more drawn and I would have to contend with people telling me how tired I look!

So I am taking time out next week to go to the Hairdresser… and hope I make up my mind by then!

Problem Solving


I like this by John Maxwell

Many problem-solving strategies exist, from family meetings to fair fighting rules. Use the ones that work for you. Just be sure that they foster and promote three things:

  1. Better understanding,
  2. Positive change, and
  3. Growing relationships.