Needing a Break

The month of May.

Brings back memories.

Memories of more than twenty years ago.

Oh my. It’s amazing that I suddenly recall that time!

OK let me explain. I have been working hard. Very hard. Many balls to juggle.

So my thoughts went to having a break. Turned on the television. And oh, what do I see?!

A documentary about a holiday. In Europe. Just the thing!

But wait. It wasn’t a holiday where you go on a tour bus. Or hitch hike. It was via motor homes and a good tourist guide book.

And that’s what brought back the memories.

Years ago, at around this time of the year, before the children came along, this was what Hubby and I did – we went on a motoring holiday using these motorhomes. Of course at that time, we couldn’t afford one of our own. We even scoured for used motorhomes in the advertisements but in the end we settled for a rented one.

What fun we had, going around the south part of England on our own steam, stopping in diverse places and just enjoying the local scene, and especially the flowers….

Ah I could do with such a break now Haha!

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