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Sometimes the days here get sooo hot.

I was indoors most of the morning. Then I opened the door to go get my daughter. The heat that greeted me was like an enveloping, breath-taking monster. It made me pause in my step before I headed out of the shade, braving the sun. Before I reached the car, I could feel the humidity and perspiration began to build. By the time I put the key in the ignition, I felt the energy sapping temperatures permeate my clothes and drain my earlier feeling of freshness….

By the end of the day, I felt rather washed out, wondering if the hormones were playing up to make things more sticky. It didn’t help that a number of people I spoke with mentioned how tired I looked.

It was gooooood to stop at Kahve and have a drink there.

No, I dont take alcohol – I’m allergic to it. Hubby suggested an apple juice. Yum. It was tangy and sweet – just right, refreshing me again…..