Longer or Shorter?

For some time now, I have been letting my hair grow. It has been fun. My hair was somewhat difficult to manage but nice because it was full-bodied.

Then I cut the herb I have been taking by more than half.

Now my hair has become more limp and soft like before (can someone explain the physiology of this?)

So much so that it is clingy to my head and somewhat lame. I really need a new haircut.

So the question is, “Should I cut more or less?” Whilst I like my long hair, there is only one main obstacle – it so limp!

If I didnt cut it, the danger is that the long hair would make my face look more drawn and I would have to contend with people telling me how tired I look!

So I am taking time out next week to go to the Hairdresser… and hope I make up my mind by then!

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