Similarities and Differences

I just met up with a friend over tea. As we sat down together, I couldn’t help noticing the similarities we had.

We are both mothers.

We have both had difficulties conceiving initially.

We are both married to men who sport moustaches.

Our firstborn was conceived and born outside of our native land.

Our second child was also conceived outside of our homeland, but born locally.

Our first car was a white one.

And our second car was a 4×4 one!

Amazing isn’t it!

Similarities aside, there is one major thing that we differ right now though. And I am sooooo very glad that we do!

Right now, she is expecting her fourth and I am not! Phew! As our conversation turned to prenatal vitamins and their merits compared to just eating fresh fruit and vegetables. I had to admit I was secretly relieved!

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