Another Form of Just Feeling It

Arrgh! As I type this up, I am positively aching!

Yesterday I posted about how I was missing Hubby. But what I didn’t mention (because I was caught up with feeling sorry for myself) was that I have been doing some exercises – different from the ones I would normally do – to fill up my time.

It’s been YEARS since I picked up flags to play with – the kind on special sticks that you twirl. It’s also been a while since I really danced with a tambourine (I know what you’re thinking – “What a sight it must be!” Well stop your thoughts going there!)

Folks, over the last two days I have done this form of exercise twice! I forgot I had gluteal maximus muscles that had reached southwards. Today they scream at me “Why did you bounce us so!” I was sorely reminded of the softness of the tissues of my fingers as I watched them go red and then dark purple, declaring “You’ll never get your rings back on again!”

Why oh why did I inflict that on myself? (That’s another long story, for another post!)

I am just so glad that I could flop on my bed and crash out last night. A good mattress and a good pillow on a good bed – all so essential for a good night’s rest!

Now I just need a good all over massage as well….

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