Holiday Happenings

It’s the start of a long holiday weekend here! So glad that we will be having a few days off that we can spend with our families and loved ones.

Arrow #3 and I went shopping! There is a warehouse sale on. So off we went, braving the crowds.

I intensely dislike crowds, except when they are at my Hubby’s cafe! Haha!

Today was no exception. So many bodies leaning over to reach the same blouse you want to grab. No fun.

Suddenly I heard my name being called out. Despite all the confusion and chaos, I couldn’t miss it because I had just met with her a few days ago – it was my many-similarities-but-especially-one-difference friend! (See post from a few days ago)

I was stunned to see her smiling and making her way towards me; bags of purchases on one arm, a handful of garments clutched tightly in her chubby fist, and more bags waving in the air as she swung them on the other hand as she greeted me, nearly bashing the woman next to her in her haste to reach me.

By the time she reached me, her flushed face told me she was extremely pleased with herself, and it wasn’t just because of her purchases! She had fought the crowds and won!

I laughed with her and guided her to a more quiet spot (is there ever such a place during sale time?) and asked why on earth she was doing this foolhardy thing – should she not be resting at home? After all, she was no spring chicken and being five months pregnant, surely she should feel tired and ought to put her feet up.

No, she cheerfully replied. She felt fine, she assured me. She had started taking the best prenatal vitamins ever and she felt fine! Upon hearing the words prenatal, my auto-deflect mode came on and I experienced selective deafness – which is quite easy to experience in a crowd that we were in.

The deafness continued even as I gently guided her to have lunch at Hubby’s cafe. Ha!

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