New Discovery!

Well, I must confess this is not a totally new discovery. It’s more a new thing or toy for me!

Well, let me clarify that a little more. It’s not really a toy for me. It’s a toy I’d like to have!

What am I on about? The latest craze which I never thought would grab me!

Having a barbecue!

Is this news a bit of a letdown? So sorry! Allow me to explain.

The whole concept of barbecues is not really a popular one here where I live because of the hot weather. Who wants to stand over a barbecue pit and get all hot and sweaty?

BUT of late, it just occurred to me (hence the NEW DISCOVERY!) for three wonderful reasons, I can go hunting for electric grills these few days!

One, the weather has been cooler. In fact, it’s been really nice!

Two, my house, being on a hill IS cooler anyway! And I have ample space in the front and sides to have people mingle and enjoy. Ahhh… I can just see it!

Three, I received a little bit of money recently…. just in time for the sales!

Now, before you scorn my simple mind, let me just ask – does anyone wants to be on my invitation list? Ha! Bring on the marinated stuff!

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