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So True


A happy wife is what a husband wants

because she is reflection of who he is.

A happy husband is what a wife wants

because he is a reflection of who she is.

Don’t you agree?

Heard this while watching a video about marriage, and learned quite a few things. The video is called “Love’s Lasting Call”. It’s good. We merely listened to the first testimony. Looking forward to the rest one day.



Sometimes the days here get sooo hot.

I was indoors most of the morning. Then I opened the door to go get my daughter. The heat that greeted me was like an enveloping, breath-taking monster. It made me pause in my step before I headed out of the shade, braving the sun. Before I reached the car, I could feel the humidity and perspiration began to build. By the time I put the key in the ignition, I felt the energy sapping temperatures permeate my clothes and drain my earlier feeling of freshness….

By the end of the day, I felt rather washed out, wondering if the hormones were playing up to make things more sticky. It didn’t help that a number of people I spoke with mentioned how tired I looked.

It was gooooood to stop at Kahve and have a drink there.

No, I dont take alcohol – I’m allergic to it. Hubby suggested an apple juice. Yum. It was tangy and sweet – just right, refreshing me again…..

Storing Stuff


So I live in a detached house. So it has a kind of basement. So it has ample space on all floors. So my living room is a through lounge with my dining and dry kitchen. So the ground floor ceiling is thirteen feet high.

It all adds up to one word – SPACE. I seem to have ample space.

But that is far from true.

I am still looking for more space! You just need to see the stuff lying all over the basement floor to see what I mean! I can’t even begin to start putting things away. I sometimes wish I could have a couple DuraMax Colossus Metal Storage Sheds 50231 in my garden. But then, space in my garden is another story!

When Feeling Low


What do YOU do when you are feeling low?

Snack? Stuff chocolate? Dig into ice cream?

Go out and exercise? Play a strenuous game of tennis?

Sleep! Turn off the lights, draw the curtains and sleep!

Kick the cat! Snap at the spouse! Throw a dish!

What do you do?

It’s scary sometimes to see what some people do. Especially when they inflict pain – emotional and physical – on others.

But there’s another group of people that scare me – the ones that withdraw. The ones that give up.

At least the other group still has fight in them, though grossly misdirected….

What do you think?

Burn It All Up!


There is only one three-syllable word for this.


I mean look at the cheese! And the chips! And the salad cream…. And…. And…..!

It is almost impossible to eat this elegantly.

It’s value for money of course!

But the hidden “plus factor” is the added calories!

Hence I need to find the best fat burning exercise stop complaining and commenting about it and just do it – BURN IT ALL UP!

The Most Effective


This, folks, has been my fare over the last two – three days. Since Kahve opened, I have been sampling their menu.

On top of that, I have attended a Ladies High Tea in conjunction with Mothers Day.

My clothes are beginning to complain!

So, is it any wonder that I am desperately seeking for the most effective diet pills on the market! Ha!

In Celebration of Motherhood


I have been waiting for years to put this post up. No, I am not exaggerating. I have had this article for years but I kept forgetting to post it at the right time!

FINALLY I remembered this year, so here it is, and feel free to add!


Art Appreciator
Arrow Polisher
Ambassador for the King of kings
Builder – of a godly generation
Bulk buyer
Career Consultant
Children’s Pastor
Childhood Psychologist
Creative Designer
Customer Service Representative
Child Development Specialist
Cheer Leader
Director of Home Affairs
First lady of the Home
Fashion Consultant
Interior Decorator
Master Story Teller
Movie Critic
Nation Changer
Professional Baker
Professional Chef
Professional Cleaner
Purchasing Agent
Personal Manager
Recreation Director
Repairer of the Breach
Switchboard Operator
Speech Therapist
Security Guard
Social Coordinator
Safety Instructor
Shepherd – shepherding your flock
Time Management Expert
Taxi Driver
Walking Encyclopaedia

It would take a thousand workers to build a castle,
a million soldiers to protect a country
only one woman to build a happy home.



Window shopping.

I dislike that intensely.

Time is too precious!

Rather, I prefer to know what it is I am after and just go for it!

Sometimes, of course, I might linger over something a little longer. But if I do, it is usually because it’s something I have had thoughts about beforehand.

Mostly, however, I am a practical person.

Like this recent shopping trip for instance.

I knew exactly what I wanted. So I made a beeline for the shelves. And there I sat, sweltering in the heat, and picking out the ones I wanted. Threw the shop assistants off in the process. But who cares!

This is the supervisor’s calculations. You can see she had to go step by step.

And later at the check out? Well, that was another session of counting.

Later I will show you the results of the shopping trip.

Needing a Break


The month of May.

Brings back memories.

Memories of more than twenty years ago.

Oh my. It’s amazing that I suddenly recall that time!

OK let me explain. I have been working hard. Very hard. Many balls to juggle.

So my thoughts went to having a break. Turned on the television. And oh, what do I see?!

A documentary about a holiday. In Europe. Just the thing!

But wait. It wasn’t a holiday where you go on a tour bus. Or hitch hike. It was via motor homes and a good tourist guide book.

And that’s what brought back the memories.

Years ago, at around this time of the year, before the children came along, this was what Hubby and I did – we went on a motoring holiday using these motorhomes. Of course at that time, we couldn’t afford one of our own. We even scoured for used motorhomes in the advertisements but in the end we settled for a rented one.

What fun we had, going around the south part of England on our own steam, stopping in diverse places and just enjoying the local scene, and especially the flowers….

Ah I could do with such a break now Haha!

Who Said I Couldn’t


Who would have thought it my age. Haha!

Yes, I did it. I managed to thread the needle by myself.

Not once. Not twice. I did it quite a few times.

And I finished all the sewing I needed to do.

Yes, I am feeling very pleased with  myself! I am not only blogging about it – I am bragging about it!

What’s so special about this?

Oh nothing.

Nothing to it except that I am less than 8 months from turning half a century! HA!