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Who Am I


A song has been reverberating in our home of late. Hubby’s been humming it. The laptop’s been beaming it. I’ve even got its bridge posted on my Facebook account and other sites. You can check it out.

I hope you can see this neat rendition of the song. The children (including my third Arrow) presented a similar version of this a few months ago at a High Tea.



This is a cup.

This is coffee.

This is a cup of coffee.

This is THE cup.

This is THE coffee.

This is THE cup of coffee that I was admiring and took a photo of.

This is THE cup of coffee that I was admiring and took a photo of and as I placed the camera down, knocked over.

This is the cup of coffee that I knocked over.

This is the cup of coffee that I knocked over myself.

This is the PIPING HOT CUP OF COFFEE that I knocked over myself.

It is GOD’s mercy that I did not get scalded!



She was always the more fierce one.

Even the dog used to run from her.

When she called, she expected to be heard, entertained, fed, and acknowledged.

And then came the day.

A stray ribbon.

A stray pink ribbon.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Doesn’t she look ever so regal, gentle and sweet?!

To Save or Not to Save


Look at those eyes.

You should see them in real life.

Well, you can. Here and here.

Question answered.

Dropping Balls


Wanting to help doesn’t make it a good reason to do so!

The danger is that you take on too much and/or step out too far.

Or become a door mat.

Or end up exhausted.

Worse is if you end up dropping balls, some of which can bounce right back, but others you might find hard to put back together again.

Note to self – pace yourself.

I Have A Genius for a Cousin


If Only It Were That Easy


We came back from dinner and I noticed that one of the lights on timer was not on. It’s time to change it I guess.

The problem is, this light is on the outside of the house.

To be precise, it is the one outside at the side of the house, fixed to the roof.

“What’s the problem?” I hear you ask. Get a ladder and get it fixed.

Alas, it is not as easy as that.

My house is on a slope. Either side of the house has a slope. One side is a greater incline than the other. Guess which side the light is.

Sorry, no prizes for guessing.

This leaves me wondering if I should look into getting some security cameras instead. These would work in the dark and would be less maintenance because someone else could do the maintenance…..!

A Special Day


This, folks, is our special plate. It was commissioned for us by a former patient of mine. Oh did I not mention? I used to work in England as a nurse and midwife. This commemorative plate was done for me by a this Englishman who somehow took a liking to me. He was so ill, he could barely speak but somehow we clicked.

When I gave him an invitation to my wedding, I knew full well he would not be able to attend. He had this gifted to us instead! Isn’t that lovely?

After he was discharged with his terminal illness, we visited at times. Despite his illness, he remained cheerful and uncomplaining till the end. I attended his funeral service to do the reading of Scriptures.

And today, we have been married for 28 years. Wheeeeeeeeee



Interesting coincidence or what.

Just when I posted about love in my last entry, I come across this.

Nice? Ice carvings. It was part of a promotion that was taking place.

What was even nicer was when I took this shot.

Love it. Don’t you?

This is Love


I like this. Strong message, but I like it. Hope you like it too. Got it from my first Arrow.