Yesterday it poured. And I mean it poured. It really, really poured.

Roads were unpassable. Houses were flooded.

Some considerate bosses even let their staff leave early. But with the prolonged deluge, some people could not get back to their homes. The traffic leaving the city centre was bumper to bumper even at 7pm.

What a return to work after a long holiday weekend!

Arrow #3 and I ended up having dinner in the city, separate from Hubby.We gave up trying to head homewards. The local fastfood joint with free wifi was a refuge till after 8pm.

This morning, debris could be seen all over the smaller roads.Our hearts go out to friends whose homes are affected.

Then we had a phone call.

From someone who was concerned about their falling rotten fence.

In a thinly-veiled call, he is expecting US to fix it for them!

With so many people who have lost much and who have to do much following the aftermath of the rain, to get this sort of call is annoying to say the least!

I am soooo glad that Hubby answered the phone and not me. I would not have known how to answer him with the same grace and firmness!

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