Getting Good Results

With the children coming back for hols, it is going to be fun …. and yet not so fun.

It’s great when the children get together, revisiting their previous hangouts, reminiscing in their own way. I don’t mind surrendering the car for them to go nipping here and there, getting more snapshots of memories in their own unique and exuberant ways.

It’s not so fun when people start comparing though. Comparing results that is. Parents especially. The children are usually cool about this sort of thing.

Have you ever been at the receiving end of boasting parents? These usually talk about how they helped their children to get good SAT scores with special SAT prep by this person or that company. They also lament that one mark or two that their children lost from carelessness of course. But then of course they quickly go on to say that these losses didn’t affect the overall marks – they still aced their exams.

Gosh. I am so glad my children didn’t need all that prep and I don’t need to do all that boasting because they aced anyway.

Ha! Ha! Did you see that one coming?

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