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From One Thing to Another


Oh dear. From backache to potential toothache. What a quandary I appear to be getting into. I can’t help but wonder how come I have suddenly been inflicted with a series of setbacks to my general health. Rather annoying.

Old age, someone said.

In my mind, I don’t feel old. I think I have been revived in my mental agility and ability. In fact, I find my short-term memory better than before.

But now it’s my body that seems to be the problem. It complains too much. From one little ache to another till it growls with the increasing power till it becomes an unavoidable crescendo.

No, I don’t take any painkillers. Not even paracetamol.

As my Japanese-American friend based in Singapore would say, “What to dooooo?”

Hmmm…. stay tuned for another installment!

Multiplying Dilemma


I have a dilemma.

My back hurts. That’s of concern because I have a few trips to make. This feels like an old injury flaring up. Sigh. I am not looking forward to the upcoming travel and things to do. Then there’s the luggage to consider too!

My back hurts. It makes me frown and gives me a fierce look. I find it hard to focus sometimes. Sitting down is no fun, but it’s worse when I am standing for a period of time. Thankfully productivity remains reasonable.

My back hurts. I have to switch from my high-ish heels to flatter more sensible shoes. Hmmm I wonder if that’s what started it all in the first case – carrying things while in high heels! Perhaps I should have stuck with more sensible shoes like Ecco Shoes instead of going for something cheap and I think looks nice but won’t last!

My back hurts. But I believe it’s because I had made wrong choices for my feet first. Which in turn leads to my head hurting too as I try to figure out what I can do about it.

Thus my mental dilemma which manifests as a physical dilemma was actually from a podiatric dilemma.

Half a Year Ahead!


Can you believe it?! From fireplaces to Christmas! The cold has got into Hubby’s head! He’s actually looking ahead to Christmas already! He’s been talking about what to get for the immediate family, the staying-close-but-actually-distant family, even toys for the new neighbour’s kids! I am in a minor state of shock. He who normally doesn’t even plan the next meal, is looking into Christmas eve dinner. I think I need to get a bit of fresh air before I keel over…..



The weather has been strange of late. It has downright chilly! I sometimes find myself sitting at the chair, laptop on, and tugging a blanket over my legs. That’s something I expect to do in England, not near the equator!

It has been so cold that Hubby has been thinking of have a barbeque outdoors. Problem is, we don’t haveĀ a outdoor fireplace Can you imagine putting some coal on, and then some meat andĀ vegetables, enjoying the cool outdoors as you do so? Hmmmm… Capsicums! Lamb! Chicken! Corn on the cob! Arrrgh! Self inflicted torture! Ha! There is no way that Hubby will consent – this weather won’t last!

Remember These?


What a trip down memory lane! I had to fiddle with the machine that shows them, but it was worth it!

Slides! Those days when these were the best for scenery photography. Supposedly to be longer lasting than photos.

I enjoyed that trip down memory lane, showing each significant slide to Hubby.

Now I wait for the development of them to photographs/prints that I can view more easily.

Love Is


I grew up with this comic strip series about what love was. It was fun. I would flip the pages of the newspaper, looking for those naked round tubbies. Then I saw this. A modern day version, in colour. I hadn’t realised I missed those comics till I saw this.

Now I can’t decide which I like better.

Can you?



What do you do when you can’t decide?

Oh, I am not talking about life and death situation. I mean things like which dress or outfit to wear, or what time is best to meet up, and where should we gather for a cuppa.

Are you like me? I tend to talk about it. It is as if the more I verbalize it, the more clear it somehow becomes.

Some others I know won’t say a word till it’s all a done thing.

Which are you?

More on Miracles


Remember this post about wishing you miracles?

Well, here’s an interesting one.

Did you know my first Arrow had broken his jaw?

I kid you not. Here is the lateral view of the x-ray taken. The arrow points to the fractured part.

Here is another view. The frontal one.

And here are two sites about how he was healed – without surgical intervention! Doctors who saw the x-ray exclaimed at how this could be healed without any help. Well, the help came indeed! In supernatural form!

Which is why I am posting this now…..

The Moment It Happened


I decided to join the club. The football club I mean. You know, the World-Cup-fever kind. I decided to sit in – for the first time in my life!

I must have been mad. It was screened live at 1Borneo at 2.30 in the morning!

But the atmosphere. Good. Friendly. Family. Loud. Enthusiastic. The mall supplied clappers. That made a lot of noise and added to the increasing emotions.

Initially I supported the Orange. But within the first 10 minutes, and increasingly as time went on, it was obvious that the eventual winners deserved to win. I felt it was a scrappy game. Stoppages. Yellow cards. It was inevitable – someone would be sent off.

And then, the moment it happened! A red card was flashed!

Then came the moment the match was decided!

Almost half of the spectators stood and pranced in joy. What a moment.

It was sunrise by the time we left… but it was worth it!

A Boost of Self-Esteem Needed


I want to scream with frustration.

But I think I will laugh instead.

We met someone recently. He’s middle aged, and I suppose he is in mid-life crisis right now. His self esteem is so low that almost every other sentence spoken was one of self-derision. Initially, Hubby and I smiled and tried to balance what he said about himself, thinking that life couldn’t possibly be THAT bad.

Well, we were only partially right. Life wasn’t really that bad. But it WAS that bad, to him.

We parted ways, leaving Hubby and I feeling somewhat put off and disturbed by his mental and physical state. It was as if he needed a testosterone boosters that worked. Or SOMETHING that worked!

That night, I cuddled up to my Hubby feeling extra thankful to God for him. Hubby’s emotions are steady like a rock – he sails through life, and midlife crisis is not in his vocabulary. He simply does not know what it is!

I wonder what can we do to help this friend….